March 28, 2018

Design Competition to Improve Cummunal Activity in Postipuisto Area

This spring a design competition is organized to seek for fresh ideas on how to improve the sense of community in residential courtyards of urban blocks. The winning design is to be located in the Postipuisto residential block which JKMM is currently designing with Bonava

The Habitare Design Competition is organized by Bonava, Habitare Fair and the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and it is targeted to the students of Finnish design schools. Through the design competition, Bonava hopes to find fresh ideas to promote residents’ communal activity, which in turn should make the living environment more comfortable and relatable.

The aim of the competition is to find a solution for a meeting place for Postipuisto residents via design. The design element should be artistically and functionally of high quality, structurally durable, and easy to replicate.

JKMM, together with Bonava and Demos Helsinki, won the Postipuisto competition in 2016. The design of the urban block highlights the principles of sustainable development, community spirit as well as flexible housing and services. The construction phase is planned to begin in 2019.

The finalists are to be selected by a jury which includes our architect Salla Oikkonen. She is a member of the Postipuisto design team.

The results of the competition will be announced at Habitare on Wednesday 12 September 2018.

Read more about the competition and the design brief here and here about Postipuisto residential block project.

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