November 30, 2017

Lahti Travel Centre honoured at the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18

The results of the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 have just been announced. The winner is The Maersk Tower research complex in Copenhagen, designed by C.F. Møller Architects. In addition, two infrastructure projects were Commended, and The Public Choice prize was announced.

Our Lahti Travel Centre was one of two infrastructure projects Commended by the judges.

“The judges welcomed the uniting with copper, which is extremely well detailed and executed, of disparate elements and enhancement of the everyday structures associated with transport interchanges. Politically, this is an outstanding project for the benefits of good design and materials in the public realm, with emphasis on enhancing the travel experience.”, the official statement describes.

European Copper in Architecture Awards is a biennial showcase celebrating architectural design of buildings incorporating copper or copper alloy cladding, roofing or other architectural elements. The expansion and development of these biennial awards over the last two decades mirrors a fundamental change in the use of copper on buildings, from a practical roof covering to a highly architectural material for many building elements – particularly facades – with endless opportunities for design.

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