Helsinki City Centre






330 m2, Lobbies and corridors, work and office rooms, conference room, social facilities


Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum

Interior design

Ateneum Art Museum Executive Facilities

The Ateneum is Finland’s leading art museum, with a collection that includes art dating from the 19th century to the modern age. The Ateneum houses Finland’s largest collection of paintings, sculptures and prints, with a total of more than 20,000 works.

The executive facilities of Ateneum Art Museum, built in 1887 in the centre of Helsinki, required modernization to correspond with modern office environment standards. The renovation was delicately done to respect the original design. The aim was to blend the changes with the original interior design so seamlessly that the space is harmonious and fresh and that the modifications are barely noticeable.

The functionality of the facilities was improved, and functions were relocated. During the modernisation, conventional single-person offices were converted into larger shared workspaces. Special attention was paid to acoustics and comfort.

The long corridor that connects different facilities transformed into an inviting, high-quality public area. It serves a lobby and waiting area visitors as well as a place for taking a break, working and quick meetings for the personnel.

Colors were selected to respect the colors of the building typical to the construction period. Additional colors were introduced by using artworks and plants. Art, selected by the client from the collections of the Finnish National Gallery, is also presented as part of the working environment in the office facilities.