Invited competition, 1st Prize


Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki


Construction phase 2019




Apartments, social spaces




Haakoninlahti Residential Block

The new residential block Haakoninlahti is surrounded by the beautiful shorelines and the parks of Kruunuvuorenranta. The area is formerly known for its industrial harbour and early 20th century villas on the west side of Laajasalo island. It is now transformed into a residential area with a goal of 12 500 residents in total.

JKMM design provides a high-quality townscape with diverse housing selection to the new neighbourhood.

The block is arranged with a c-shaped 5-storey slab block, two-storey townhouses and two 8-storey high rise buildings. The building masses are composed harmoniously providing a distinct identity with minimalistic yet strong architectural design. The facade articulation is dynamic and timeless. The subtle materials palette consists of different colour bricks combined with wood and white concrete.

The buildings are arranged so that the views towards west and to the sea are maximised.  The design offers a diverse set of unit sizes and layout organizations. Tailored solutions such as the rooftop container-like apartments with terraces above the slab block, townhouses with their individual entrances, and the lofts of the high risers add their own twist to the mix.

The construction phase is planned to begin spring 2019.