Direct Commission, 2015


Piippuranta, Kangas region, Jyväskylä


Completed in Spring 2017




2500 sqm gross floor area


YIT Jyväskylä


Jyväskylän Albertinpiha Ltd.

Kangas area in Jyväskylä is planned to be a district of 5,000 residents and 2,100 jobs by 2040. More specifically, the former paper mill area will mainly be built for residential use.

Jyväskylän Albertinpiha Ltd., a brick-lined apartment building, stands next to the chimney of the old heat and power plant. The minimalistic, robustly shaped yet compact and modern building fits naturally in the mill environment. It consists of seven storeys and 45 apartments.

As a contrast to the mass of the building, there is a light, colourful and open work of art produced by Mika Natri. The art work, called Abstraction, is made from glazed bricks.  It covers the entire height of the building, and is a part of the Albertinpiha facade.

Albertinpiha is a part of the Percent for Art programme.