Competition entry 2011, 1st prize


Jyväskylä, Finland


Completed in 2019


5 300 sqm2




Kalevanpoika Housing

The second out of the three apartment blocks for Jyväskylä’s Housing Cooperative has completed in the Summer of 2019.  Called Kalevanpoika, Kaleva’s Son, it is made up of a residential tower and based on our winning scheme that was the outcome of an open architecture competition in 2011. The first residential tower for the Cooperative completed in 2014, in time for the housing fair and it bears the name “Jyväskylä World Tower Housing”.

The new homes are located within a stunning lake-side landscape.  They have been positioned so that each one of the homes enjoys unobstructed views. Generous balconies have been designed to face the evening sun.

The composition of the external elevations reinforces the thinking behind the massing of the towers. The ridged facades are made of high standard fair faced concrete that is accentuated with the use of dyed concrete in a russet brown earthy tone.   The balconies have been specified with sliding doors by Profin that have been specially designed for uninterrupted sight-lines.

The simplicity and clarity that informs the massing of the buildings also lends itself to energy-efficiency.  The use of glazing has been optimised so that it balances sustainable design measures with the provision of natural light for residents. The large balconies that shade the buildings’ windows are part of the cooling strategy.

The apartments have been grouped around the cores that house the building’s staircase and so that the largest homes are located on the top levels. The floor plans have been conceived so that the homes can be easily reconfigured in how they are furnished and occupied.  The clarity of the plans supports this flexible use.