Interior Design


Helsinki, Finland


Completed 2015-2016


lounge, reseption, museum shop, restaurant, study library and work spaces


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Interior design

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, designed in the early 90’s, was in the need of a partial renovation. As part of this renovation, the interiors of the lobby, the museum shop and the Kiasma Library were redesigned.

The aim was to make the entrance level more inviting and functional and create a visual harmony between the different functions. The fixed furniture was reorganized and partially redesigned in order to create a seamless flow between the areas and an inviting view from the exterior to the interior.

As a result, the entrance space as a whole evokes an approachable, airy and visually attractive atmosphere. Nestled in between is a new lounge-like area. Its colourful modular furniture can be modified according to the occasion from relaxed lounging to large public events.

The Kiasma library, previously somewhat unknown and hidden, has been relocated to the new quarters on the 5th floor. The tight and complex space is carefully redesigned to house the intimate and cozy library. It maintains the same visual appearance as the lobby and shop spaces on the lower floors. The lighting is the focal point of the design. Cylinder shaped pendant lamps descend like a flock of birds from the curved ceiling creating a layer of light, dividing the space horizontally.

The original project architect for Kiasma, Timo Kiukkola was responsible for the architecture of the renovation.

The architecture of the library is by Erat Arkkitehdit / Kivi Keller.