Architecture competition 1st prize 2009


Koli, Finland


Design phase


Hotel and other accommodations, and nature centre


Koli Cultura


Koli Cultura Resort

Becoming Koli Cultura is a center for nature tourism and culture, situated in the midst of the purest Finnish Lakeland, and righ next to the famous Koli National Park. It responds to real demand of more accommodation and new services in an area where the number of tourists increases by 15% per year.

Once opened, Koli Cultura will be the gem of international nature tourism, with a sustainable base. It is the perfect destination for a a modern nature tourist who appreciates authentic experiences, diverse nature and high-quality services. In addition to five-star accommodation, the center offers much-needed services: restaurants, cafes, wellness services, program services, conference facilities – and the sauna and experience center.

The design respects the values of the National Park and cherishes the principles of responsible nature tourism. The aim is to combine high quality hospitality architecture to the unique landscape of Koli. 

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