Master planning and local plan expansion are based on a JKMM proposal which won an open competition in 2008


Inari, Saariselkä travel resort


Completed in 2014


Master plan: 2008–2012, Local plan: 2012–2014


Master plan: approximately 15,000 new beds, approximately 350,000 m2,  Local plan: approximately 86,000 m2 


Inari Municipality

Commercial | Urban planning

Saariselkä – New Master and Local Plans

The objective of the master plan is to combine the functional objectives of the travel resort and the unique nature of Saariselkä. The master plan was approved in 2012, on the basis of which the local plan for the slope area was prepared.

The Master Plan for the Travel Resort


Another objective of the master plan change was to ensure the growth of tourism in Saariselkä far into the future. In the master plan, construction is still focused on the centre of Saariselkä and its immediate vicinity. By making the centre more compact and improving the efficiency of construction, the structure does not extend along national road 4. Thus,  services can be centralized. By building compact areas, nature remains untouched as much as possible.

The centre has been extended as a fairly effective ribbon towards the ski resort. A new ski centre will be built at the bottom of the slopes and on the southern Kaunispää slopes. Traditional holiday homes have been designated in Välimaa, east of Laanila and in its southern areas. The nearly treeless northern Kaunispää slope and the large forest areas in the south-western part of the plan area will remain unbuilt.

The Local Plan for the Ski Resort


The local plan for the ski resort is the first plan project launched after the master plan approved in 2012 to develop Saariselkä. The local plan makes the Saariselkä travel resort a compact and cohesive area, and it positions expansions within walking distance of the current centre. In addition, the use of the area in summer is being developed.

The local plan connects the currently distant ski slopes and the Kaunispää peak with the centre of Saariselkä. In addition, it enables a new ski slope and ski lift to be located in the area.

At the bottom of the new slope, areas have been designated for a new service centre, two hotel buildings and a children’s play area. The permitted building volume in the area totals 86,000 m2 of gross floor area, which has mainly been reserved for commercial accommodation buildings.

The local plan for the ski resort was confirmed in 2014, and the infrastructure and the first buildings have already been completed in the area.