Competition 1st prize 2008


Seinäjoki, Finland


Completed 2012




4500 m2


City of Seinäjoki

Interior design

Seinäjoki City Library

The city of Seinäjoki, in central Finland, is known for hosting the most extensive cluster of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto in the world, including the old library. To meet modern-day demands, the library needed a new extension.

In Seinäjoki, the guiding principle in the space planning was flexibility; the functions of the library may change radically in the future with the introduction of new media. The rooms are open, and the functions are limited only by the transformability of the easy-to-move furniture.

Highly varied interior spaces merge into each other in an open plan, opening up to carefully designed views. Transparency befits this type of building: a public library building should evoke the idea of openness.

The central book hall has a bold ceiling of concrete cast on site, which was left exposed as an important part of the interior design. Designed with splashes of color and whimsical elements, it plays well with the strong and minimalistic architecture. Most of the items have been designed especially for the library.

At the core of the new building’s interior design are the reading stairs, with the green, custom-made soft cushions. A venue for events and a place for spending time leads the visitor to the collections downstairs and to the old library through a subterranean passage.

There is a lower level section in radiant white for teenagers which houses music & film. The soft, colorful curvilinear cave-like nooks and corners inserted in a wall provide fun social reading environments.

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