Jätkäsaarenkuja 11, 00220 Helsinki


Design stage




1620 sqm2 gross floor area


City of Helsinki

Architecture | Interior design

Selkämeri Day Care

The new Selkämeri Day Care was planned be located in the up and coming neighbourhood, Jätkäsaari in southern Helsinki.

The day care building would stand facing Bysa & Sandis Ltd. apartment buildings across a large courtyard. During the day, the courtyard would be used as a playground for a Selkämeri Day Care Centre and later on, it would serve as a common yard for the whole neighborhood.

The layout of the block was designed efficiently to maximize the yard space. The two-store building forms a lower counterpart for the tall apartment buildings on the same block. It has a brick veneers on three facades and a saddleback roof.

The day care building was planned to provide flexible and versatile premises for children. Instead of the traditional floor plan, the rooms and their functions were designed to be easily modified according to daily life of the day care.