Competition 1st prize 2013


St. Petersburg, Russia


Design stage


8500 m2 + 16800 m


Laminated Plastics Factory


St. Petersburg Museum of Street Art

Museum of Street Art is a new museum concept in St. Petersburg that exhibits graffiti and street art in old factory premises.

JKMM´s design brings together existing buildings, new constructions, paths and plazas in a unified architectural whole that preserves the essence of the location while granting centre stage to street art in its various forms. The intent is to establish an absorbing architectural and functional aggregate that will last.

The existing concrete flue, augmented with a skyward-pointing floodlight, acts as the new museum’s beacon within the urban landscape. A spacious courtyard that opens to an adjoining street grants entry to the area.

The courtyard extends to the most evocative structure on the site, i.e. the partially ruined, brick-clad factory building. This is to be conserved as-is and will house the permanent exhibition.