Direct Comission


Vallila, Helsinki


Completed in 2015


11 755 sqm /870 employees


Finnish Government/Senate Properties

Interior design

Tax Administration

The Tax Administration centralised all of its Helsinki functions in OP Vallila block. The new premises are housed in an old industrial building renovated and transformed into an office building, and in a new office building completed in 2015. Employees moved in at the end of 2015.

The new interior design concept is based on the Tax Administration’s national work environment concept. As a result, a task-oriented, multi-purpose, modifiable and flexible  multi-purpose office was designed for 870 people.

The interior design solutions support new mobile ways of working. Different storeys are divided into different zones and facilities, depending on the type of work to be performed in them. Separate zones are defined for quiet working as well as for social encounters.

Employees were engaged to take part in the design process through workshops where they defined their needs for space, ways of working and the appearance of the facilities in detail. During the workshops, employees were able to affect the interior design solutions, such as the use, furniture and equipment for conference and quiet rooms.