Kalasatama, Helsinki


Sketch phase completed




48 530 sqm gross floor area


The City of Helsinki

Architecture | Interior design

Technical Departments of Helsinki

Kalasatama – a fast developing old port and wholesale market area, is planned to be the new home of the Technical Department of the City of Helsinki. The objective is to centralize various technical departments into a new office building, and thus form the new urban environment department offering all city planning and building services from one location.

The new office building will stand out from Kalasatama’s fast developing cityscape as a high-quality and approachable public administration and service building. The primary facade materials are seamed bricks, glass and concrete. Recessed terraces and openings between storeys divide the different zones and bring natural light indoors. Construction will follow the latest energy and lifecycle requirements, to which the City of Helsinki is committed.

The office building concept is based on a multi-purpose model, and the work facilities will follow the principle of a multi-purpose environment. It is based on a working environment concept prepared by the departments.

The new facilities combine customer service facilities with offices. Customer service facilities will be located at ground level. The objective is to build an inviting and easily approachable open public space combining customer service, exhibitions and restaurant services.

The second floor will be a semi-public space where the archive service and customer conference rooms will be located. The upper office floors will form a multi-purpose environment. Different floors will be connected to one another by interlocking two story openings and stairs that open up views and allow light to enter.

Work areas can easily be modified for the needs of different user groups, and they can also be customized as operations and working methods change.  Different sections, such as conference and meeting rooms, have been designed with a light structure, and they will be located close to the centre of the building frame.