Part of winning invited competition entry, 2011


Vallila, Helsinki


Completed in autumn 2017


Approx. 15,000 m2


OP Group

Architecture | Interior design

OP Vallila Campus

The new OP Headquarters in Vallila, Helsinki, was completed in the autumn of 2015. The last part of the Vallila block, Vääksyntie 2, is completed in the autumn of 2017. The new headquarters were designed to form a coherent whole, an urban block that represents a modern working environment with a clear identity based on the OP values.

The new Vääksyntie 2 building extends the harmonious look to the corner of Vääksyntie and Teollisuuskatu which is the last independent part of the block to be completed. The window openings of the new corner building are clearly different from the rest of the facade. The five-storey building is also slightly lower than the rest of the facade. The setback at the street corner creates a small square which softens the massive appearance of the block, creating an outdoor space. The entrance to the building is hidden in the back corner of the square, thus being clearly distinguishable from the main entrance on Teollisuuskatu.

The facade materials of the block continue to Vääksyntie 2, with natural stones surfaces giving a rhythm to the facade. The choice of surface materials is based on the idea of stone buildings that convey a message of sustainability and permanence and are suited for an urban environment.

The structures and materials are selected to achieve sustainable, high-quality solutions within the frame of cost-effectiveness. Concrete and steel are used in the most appropriate way possible to create diverse structures. Natural materials, natural stone and wood are favoured in the choice of interior surfaces and furniture.

The gallery connecting the buildings on the block continues all the way to Vääksyntie 2.  The restaurant world on the gallery floor provides a view on Vääksyntie. The topmost floors add to the high-quality office space of the OP block. The office floors are easily adaptable multipurpose environments.

On the entrance level, the café opens up to the square thanks to the large windows and terraces. It invites the personnel and customers as well as local residents and passers-by to come in for a cup of coffee.

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