Viikki, Helsinki


Completed spring 2016


9000 bsqm


City of Helsinki

Interior design

Viikki Youth Center

Viikki Youth Centre is part of the civic and public service buildings of the Viikki area. Its minimalistic form completes the neighbouring unique wooden Viikki Church

The youth themselves were able to participate in the design process of this long-awaited space.

The interior plan includes a lobby and a general space, a room for relaxing, movie and gaming room, and a room for multiple activities.  Instead of emphasizing the public space feel, the interiors of the youth centre promote relaxed, inviting and home like atmosphere.   

Soft and durable materials complement delicious color scheme in the furniture plan. The plan includes various furniture groups – armchairs, bar stools and café tables, modular sofa and a pool table.  The pieces of furniture are chosen to form an entity that can be put together in different ways. The youth can move the furniture around without any piece ending up seeming to be at the wrong place.