Direct Commision 2018


Ruoholahti, Helsinki


Design phase




37 000 m2


NCC Finland Oy


WE LAND Building

New hybrid office building named WE LAND frames Porkkalankatu street in Ruoholahti forming a new land mark leading the way to Helsinki’s city centre when approached from west, Lauttasaari bridge. 

The building is located in a semi-developed industrial district where its neighbours include a former cable factory, now a cultural centre, as well as the Helsinki Law Courts.  The new building help complete the remaining urban void in the area. It nonetheless respect the surrounding old factory setting creating an architecturally distinct and carefully detailed block in the cityscape. The massing of the building is also in keeping with the existing urban realm.

The architecture evolves from the ideas of quality, openess, elegance and timelessness. The glass facades are articulated with metal elements open to all directions via large windows whilst maximising views and providing the interior with rich natural light. The metal elements act as sun shades and help reduce heat loads. The façades are designed to age well and the materials are contextually sensitive. The voids within the lower building volumes allow visual connections across floors. The interiors of the building are designed in a Scandinavian style with emphasis on warm natural surfaces, such as domestic wood, and light surfaces to create a visually coherent space.

WE LAND hybrid building concept is based on open-house thinking and high-quality service culture, that supports efficiency and high job satisfaction. It is designed to meet the exceptionally high BREEAM rating of Outstanding.

Read more about the concept here.