March 13, 2018

JKMM to Cooperate With NCC in Ruoholahti

NCC, one of the leading construction and property development companies in Northern Europe, is planning to build a total of 40 000 square meters of new office space in the Ruoholahti office district of Helsinki. JKMM will be responsible for the architecture of the project as well as designing NCC’s new corporate headquarters.

The new office buildings will be located on two separate plots on either side of Porkkalantie, near the Lauttasaari bridge. These tall office towers will form a sculptural gateway to the city when approached from the west. The design completes the Ruoholahti silhouette and provides modern, inviting spaces for offices and services for the neighborhood.

The project is being developed in cooperation with the City of Helsinki, and it is part of a larger development plan of the Ruoholahti area.

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