Integrated Design Process

We at JKMM, we see innovation as teamwork. We are used to bringing all stakeholders together to work towards the common vision. This means collaborating closely with the client, investors, users and city authorities.

We coordinate the design in detail spanning everything from lighting to acoustics to engineering to landscape architecture. What matters is the quality of the end result, when the visitor walks in. This is what we see as the Finnish way of making architecture: an integrated design process.


From the beginning, JKMM has designed interiors as well as architecture. We are uniquely placed to develop the Finnish way of making the next generation work environments, educational spaces, libraries, shops and spaces for children. Our dedicated team of 20 interior designers bring their expertise to a wide range of commissions, many of which are for clients seeking interior projects exclusively.

Furniture Design

Finland has a long history in modern furniture design. We are continuing this tradition by creating holistic architectural experiences with the help of our furniture and product designers. The furniture and fittings we design for projects are often made by hand by Finland’s leading craftsmen.

Graphic Design

JKMM sees graphic design as an integral part of making environments. JKMM is collaborating with gifted graphic designers to create innovative signage and visual orientation for buildings. JKMM even has its own typeface JKMM Sans, which you are reading now.


Architecture is elevated through a dialogue with the other arts. Often the distinction between architecture, interiors and art can be hard to draw. This is why we like to bring artists into JKMM’s design process. Such artistic collaborations can be seamlessly integrated into architecture: into facades, ceilings, acoustic walls and light systems. And an independent work of art can, of course, on its own be powerful in enhancing spatial experience. At JKMM, we are used to coordinating and curating art in our designs. JKMM’s art book of studio culture ”Myrsky” was created in collaboration with artist Aimo Katajamäki.

Our Design Principles

Inspired by Nature 

We are surrounded by nature. In Helsinki, our capital, you can find archipelagoes and forests just 15 minutes from the city center. The shapes and innovations of mother nature inspire us in our design work.

Human Touch 

Architecture should always respect the “small person” as coined by Alvar Aalto. Human experience is the driving principle of all our work. Empathy is needed to develop new solutions and it helps to solve the key challenges of our society.

Simple but Intelligent 

We have learnt to recognise the strongest of our ideas because they are the simplest ones. Simplicity is achieved through a deep understanding of a problem and an intelligent approach in resolving it.

Less Talk 

The world is divided into two groups: talkers and doers. We believe in the latter. The built work is what counts the most. This is why we are focused on mastering the construction process, understanding materials, details and craftsmanship.

Tailor Made 

Our design approach is creative and flexible, just like jazz music. ”Improvise” is our middle name. We don’t use standard methods and styles. This is why all of our projects are unique.

Hidden Essential 

Design is not about surfaces, but it reveals the inherent idea behind the project. The architect’s job is to define and discover the essential. We have created hundreds of new design concepts so we know what it takes.

Total Design

We see architecture as a holistic environment that can be experienced at all scales ranging from the intimate to the immersive. This is why we welcome projects that allow us to combine the talents of our architects and interior designers.