We are a Helsinki-based architecture office

JKMM Architects is a group of architects and designers based in Helsinki, Finland. We started in 1998 with four founding partners – Asmo Jaaksi, Teemu Kurkela, Samuli Miettinen and Juha Mäki-Jyllilä. Today, we are a team of more than 90 people.

We offer a complete service across all areas and scales from architecture to interiors and furniture design. Over the years we have won 96 prizes in design competitions, including 47 first prizes, making us one of Finland’s most successful architectural offices.

Our work is rooted in simplicity, craftsmanship and experimentation. We believe the best solutions are often disarmingly simple. Distinctive architecture is the result of uncompromising pursuit of quality – as well as flexibility and improvisation. Quality is also about putting people first. We see ourselves as craftspeople: architectural beauty is the outcome of the exquisite treatment of materials.


The Best Minds Create the Best Designs

That is why we want to bring together the best and most experienced creative minds in design and architecture. Our team consists of architects, interior architects, designers, BIM specialists, 3D specialists, students and administrative staff with different strengths and at different stages of professional development.

We are focused on mastering the design from concept to atmosphere, from materials to details, from craftsmanship to the construction site.

We value team spirit, ambition, mutual respect and commitment. Having fun together is a big part of our office culture.

Our office is located in Kamppi, in downtown Helsinki. The office is designed by ourselves to be our home base. The space represents who we are and what we do.


Our Approach

The Human Touch

Our buildings share a human touch and they are created for people. Architecture should have respect for the “small person”. It can help solve the key challenges of our society, but empathy is needed to develop new solutions with a human touch.

Simple but Intelligent

Good solutions are practical, the best solutions are also simple. Simplicity is achieved through deep understanding of the problem and an intelligent approach to solving it.

The Hidden Essential

In architectural competitions, the best concept wins. We have created hundreds of new concepts for competitions so we have experience in the step-by-step creative process involved in developing concepts. In any innovative concept, the goal is to define and discover the essential.

Flexibility and Improvisation

Our design approach is creative and flexible. We use no standard methods and styles, but improvise just as jazz musicians do. We aim to create a tailor-made solution for every one of our projects.

Everything Counts

We like to solve the whole challenge, not just parts of it. This is why we put the best architects and interior architects on the same team.

Real Tigers

The world is filled with “paper tiger” ideas, which work best on paper.  We believe that the real thing, the built work, is what counts the most. This is why we are focused on mastering the construction process, understanding materials, details and craftsmanship.


From the beginning, architectural innovation has been the driving force behind our work. Innovation is best tested in architectural competitions. The office has won prizes in over 90 architectural competitions, including 47 First Prizes. Currently, JKMM has won the most architectural competitions in Finland.

The American Architectural Record has chosen JKMM as one of the “10 Emerging New Firms in the World”. Our works have been presented in various exhibitions including Venice Biennale, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Finnish Architecture.


  • Vuoden Huiput 2018 Award, Wild card: Experiential Design -category, Amos Rex
  • Frame Award 2019, Amos Rex in Learning Space of the Year category
  • Concrete Structure of 2018, Amos Rex
  • Rose for Building 2018, Amos Rex
  • RIL Award 2018, Amos Rex
  • European Copper in Architecture Awards 18, Commended project, Lahti Travel Centre
  • Finlandia Prize of Architecture 2017, The New Harald Herlin Learning Centre
  • Hurraa! 2016 Award, The New Harald Herlin Learning Centre
  • Finnish Glass Structure Award 2016, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Rose for Building 2015, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Steel Structure 2015, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Tekla Global BIM Awards –award 2014, Total Bim -category, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Concrete Structure of 2012, Seinäjoki Library
  • Lighting project of the year 2011, exterior, Saunalahden Lastentalo
  • Shanghai Expo 2010, best pavilion design and architecture, kategory B, Kirnu, BIE (Bureau International des Expositions)
  • Finnish State Award of Architecture 2007
  • Steel Structure of 2007, Verkatehdas Cultural Center
  • Glass Structure of 2007, Verkatehdas Cultural Center
  • Concrete Structure of 2007, Turku City Library
  • Chicago Athenaeum, International Architecture Award, Viikki church, 2006
  • Pietilä Award, 2006


  • 2020 Interior Design Competition, IIDA, finalist, Amos Rex
  • AIT-Award 2020 l Best in Interior and Architecture, finalist in Public Buildings / Culture -category, Amos Rex
  • Interior Design’s Best of Year 2019 Award, Honoree, Amos Rex
  • New into Old Awards 2019, The Architectural Review, Shortlist, Amos Rex
  • Dezeen Awards 2019, Cultural building, Longlisted, Amos Rex
  • WAF Awards 2019, Completed buildings - Culture, Shortlisted, Amos Rex
  • Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 nominee, Amos Rex, Think Corner and Paul Stradins University Hospital
  • Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2018 -nominee, Think Corner and Amos Rex
  • Rose for Building 2017 nominee, Bysa & Sandis Ltds.
  • Mies van der Rohe Award 2017 nominee, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2015 nominee, OP Financial Group's New Headquarter
  • Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2014 -nominee, Seinäjoki City Library
  • Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 nominee, Seinäjoki City Library
  • Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 nominee, Turku Central Library
  • Forum AID-Award 2008 nominee, Verkatehdas Arts and Conference Centre - Architecture-category, finalist
  • Forum AID-Award 2008 nominee, Verkatehdas Arts and Conference Centre - Interior-category, nominee (among best three)
  • Mies van der Rohe Award 2007 nominee, Viikki Church
  • Frame The Great Indoors Award nominee 2007, Viikki Church - Serve & Facilitate-category
  • Wood Award 2006 nominee, Viikki Church

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