Recipes for Happiness

JKMM’s architecture has social responsibility at its core. We design buildings, which can help to increase happiness in society.

Finland is the happiest country in the world. But where does happiness come from?

Traditionally we build societies only prioritising business and technology. Yet, this is only the base level. To thrive, communities need to aim higher, towards embracing Culture, Knowledge and Wellbeing. At the very highest level, the ultimate goal should be happiness. This is our goal when designing a sustainable society.

Architects have had an essential role in creating the infrastucture for happiness in Finland. We at JKMM Architects have been building Finnish happiness for more than 20 years.

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Brief History

In Finland modern architecture and design has a history going back more than a hundred years. We believe it is important to continue the heritage of old Finnish masters like Alvar Aalto.

JKMM was established in 1998 after our four founding partners, at the time still students, won a major architectural competition. Asmo Jaaksi, Teemu Kurkela, Samuli Miettinen and Juha Mäki-Jyllilä continue to steer the creative work at JKMM. Päivi Meuronen and Teemu Toivio are our new partners.

JKMM Architects have been building Finnish happiness for more than 20 years.

Our Family

We see ourselves as 100 unique characters with shared values rather than as an ordinary company with only business values.

JKMM is growing, but we still work together as a big family.

Our Home

Our studio is located in Kamppi in the heart of Helsinki and the interior is 100% homemade by us. The space is an extension of who we are and what we do.


From the beginning, architectural innovation has been the driving force behind our work. Innovation is best tested in architectural competitions. The office has won prizes in over 90 architectural competitions, including 47 First Prizes. Currently, JKMM has won the most architectural competitions in Finland.

Our works have been presented in various exhibitions including: Venice Biennale; GA International; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Museum of Finnish Architecture.



New Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3. Prize

New Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Honorary Mention

New National, National Museum of Finland, 1. Prize

Haapaniemenkatu 4 hybrid building, Helsinki, 2. Prize

Sepänkatu 1 Hybrid Block, 1. Prize

Projekt Albert, Tammisaari new art museum, Tammisaari, 1. Prize

Tapiola Culture Centre, Espoo, 2. Prize


Finnish Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, 1. Prize


Haakoninlahti Residential Block, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Postipuisto Residential Block, 1. Prize


Sipoonlahti School, Sipoo, Honorary Mention


Think Corner, The University of Helsinki, 1. Prize

The Rigenerale Corviale, Rome, 3.Prize


Tammela Football Stadium, Tampere, 1. Prize

Pohjola Old Headquarters, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Housing for Piippuranta, Jyväskylä, Honorary Mention


Museum of Street Art in St Petersburg, 1. Prize

Mattilanniemi University Campus, Jyväskylä, 1. Prize


Munkkiniemen puistotie 25, Helsinki, Honorary Mention

Zero-energy house, Hyvinkää housing fair, Hyvinkää, Honorary Mention


OP Bank Headquarters, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Quarter 2018 in Töölönlahti, Helsinki, 2. Prize

City hybrid block, Lappeenranta, 1. Prize

Posco Pavilion, South Korea, 1. Prize

Äijälänranta highrise buildings, Jyväskylä, 1. Prize


New Synergy Building for the Finnish Environment Institute in Viikki, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Kalasatama Day Care Center and School, Helsinki, 1. Prize

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland, Honorary Mention

Paul Stradins Hospital, Riga, Latvia, 1. Prize

Concept competition for long time homelessness, Helsinki, 1. Prize


Koli National Park tourist and Information Center, Lieksa, 1. Prize

Kivääritehdas office district, Jyväskylä, 1. Prize

Porvoo City hall, Porvoo, 1.Prize

Tuira Housing – building for assisted living, Oulu, Honorary Mention


Seinäjoki City Library, Seinäjoki, 1. Prize

Toukoranta Housing, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Puolarmaari Hospital, Espoo, Honorary Mention

Saariselkä Tourist Centre, Inari, Lapland, 1. Prize

Suurpelto Children`s House, Espoo, Honorary Mention

Shanghai Expo 2010 Finnish Pavilion, 1. Prize

Shanghai Expo 2010 Finnish pavilion, 3. Prize

Espoo centre and city hall, Espoo, Honorary Mention


Laivaranta, Harbour pavilion, Hämeenlinna, 1. Prize

Saunalahti Children’s House, Espoo, 1. Prize

AS DnB Nord bank office building, Riga, Latvia, 3. Prize

Lindholm Triangle, apartment building, Espoo, Honorary Mention

Saunalahti School, Espoo, Design purchased by the client

Tikkurila Church, Vantaa, 3. Prize


Spikeri, historical warehouse site, Riga, Latvia, Internat. Workshop, 3. Prize

Paul Stradins University Hospital, Riga, Latvia, Intern. Workshop, 1. Prize

Turku Castle Estate, harbour area, Turku, Honorary Mention

Skolas 17, apartment building, Riga, Latvia, 1 .Prize

Skarnu 11, apartment building, Riga, Latvia, 3. Prize

Art Center Arco, Madrid, Spain, Honorary Mention


Kristiansand Konserthus, Kristiansand, Norway, Design purchased by the client

Chapel in Simonkenttä, Helsinki, Honorary Mention


Terraced house in Viikki, ATT, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Vantaa Cultural Center, Vantaa, 1. Prize

Cultural Center in Hämeenlinna Verkatehdas Factory, 1. Prize


Myllypuro Urban Center, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Funeral chapel at Helsinki Parish church area, 3. Prize


Sampo Upper Secondary School, Tampere, Honorary Mention

Lohja Library, Helsinki, 2. Prize

ARMI Center, Helsinki, 1. Prize


Meri-Matti School and Day Care Center, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Kerava Library, Design purchased by the client


Viikki Center including church, service center and apartments for elderly people, Helsinki, 1. Prize

Day Care Center, Myllypuro, 1. Prize

Joensuu University Extension, Joensuu, 1. Prize

Oulu University Department of Architecture, Honorary Mention


Kierikki Stone Age Center, Yli-Ii, Design purchased by the client

Aurinkolahti School, Helsinki, Design purchased by the client

Österbotten University, Vaasa, Honorary Mention


Turku Central Library, Turku, 1. Prize

Hirssaari Master Plan, Kotka, Design purchased by the client

All prizes

Selected Awards

2020 Interior Design Competition, IIDA, Best of Competition, Amos Rex

AIT-Award 2020 l Best in Interior and Architecture, finalist in Public Buildings / Culture -category, Amos Rex

Frame Award 2019, Amos Rex in Learning Space of the Year category

Interior Architect of the Year, Finnish Designer Award ’19, the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, Paula Salonen

Interior Design’s Best of Year 2019 Award, Honoree, Amos Rex

New into Old Awards 2019, The Architectural Review, Shortlist, Amos Rex

Dezeen Awards 2019, Cultural building, Longlisted, Amos Rex

WAF Awards 2019, Completed buildings – Culture, Shortlisted, Amos Rex

Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 nominees: Amos Rex; Think Corner; Paul Stradins University Hospital

Concrete Structure of 2018, Amos Rex

Rose for Building 2018, Amos Rex

RIL Award 2018, Amos Rex

European Copper in Architecture Awards 18, Commended project, Lahti Travel Centre

Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2018 -nominee, Think Corner and Amos Rex

Finlandia Prize of Architecture 2017, The New Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Rose for Building 2017 nominee, Bysa & Sandis Ltds.

Mies van der Rohe Award 2017 nominee, OP Bank Headquarter

Hurraa! 2016 Award, The New Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Finnish Glass Structure Award 2016, OP Bank Headquarters

Rose for Building 2015, OP Bank Headquarters

Steel Structure 2015, OP Bank Headquarters

Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2015 nominee, OP Bank Headquarters

Tekla Global BIM Awards –award 2014, Total Bim -category, OP Bank Headquarters

Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2014 -nominee, Seinäjoki Library

Interior Architect of the Year, Finnish Designer Award ’13, the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, Päivi Meuronen

Finnish State Award of Design 2013, Päivi Meuronen and Aimo Katajamäki

Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 nominee, Seinäjoki Library

Concrete Structure of 2012, Seinäjoki Library

Lighting project of the year 2011, exterior, Saunalahti Children’s House

Shanghai Expo 2010, best pavilion design and architecture, category B, BIE (Bureau International des Expositions)

Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 nominee, Turku Library

Forum AID-Award 2008 nominee, Verkatehdas – Architecture-category, finalist

Forum AID-Award 2008 nominee, Verkatehdas – Interior-category, finalist

Finnish State Award of Architecture 2007

Steel Structure of 2007, Verkatehdas Cultural Center

Glass Structure of 2007, Verkatehdas Cultural Center

Concrete Structure of 2007, Turku City Library

Mies van der Rohe Award 2007 nominee, Viikki Church

Frame The Great Indoors Award 2007 nominee, Viikki Church – Serve & Facilitate-category

Chicago Athenaeum 2006, International Architecture Award, Viikki Church, 2006

Pietilä Award, 2006

Wood Award 2006 nominee, Viikki Church

All awards

Selected Press