Grand Designs Finland hosted by JKMM’s CEO Samppa Lappalainen

02 09 2021
GDS host JKMM CEO Samppa Lappalainen

The world-renowned television series Grand Designs is coming to Finland and will be hosted by JKMM’s CEO Samppa Lappalainen. Known for ambitious designs and exciting architecture, Grand Designs follows home builders’ passion projects from start to finish.

In the UK, the series has been broadcasted for over 20 years, where it is presented by the iconic Kevin McCLoud.

“I am excited to get the chance to follow fascinating projects and meet fantastic and brave people. And most importantly, to show the public how rewarding investing in architecture, design and your dreams can be,” says Lappalainen.

Grand Designs Suomi premiers on Finland’s biggest commercial channel MTV3 at a date to be announced later. The series is produced by Fremantle Finland.

Read more about the Grand Designs Finland here.

Image credit: David O’Weger