JKMM was granted a honorary mention in the international competition for the Museum of History and the Future in Turku

19 06 2024

An international architectural competition for the Museum of History and Future of Turku was held from September 4, 2023, to January 16, 2024. A total of 401 proposals were accepted for the evaluation phase. The results of the competition were announced at an award ceremony held in the Queen’s Hall of Turku Castle on Monday, June 17, 2024. The winning entry was “Squāma” by Sigge Architects Ltd. The proposal “Epookki” by JKMM Architects received an honorable mention.

“Epookki” by JKMM

Turku is developing its urban centre through culture as it strengthens its position as a European cultural point of interest and an attractive international tourist destination. The new museum will be the driving force behind the development of Linnanniemi, transforming the old harbour area into a welcoming and community-focused arts district, while extending the Cultural Riverbank towards the sea. Multi-channel content production will create a meaningful and attractive destination as part of Turku’s cultural and tourism offerings. The construction of the world’s first Museum of History and Future is scheduled to be completed in time for Turku’s 800th anniversary celebrations in 2029, with the museum set to open to the public at the end of the following year.

Competition results:

1st prize: ”Squāma”, Sigge Architects Ltd (Finland)

Shared 3rd prize: ”Nousu tyrskykalliolle”, Karla Sivula ja Pekka Sivula (Finland)

Shared 3rd prize: ”Airut”, Verstas Architects Oy (Finland)

Purchases: ”Delorean”, Playa Architects Oy (Finland); ”Poetic Natures”, Cheungvogl (Japan/China); ”Aura [1]”, Arkkitehtityöhuone APRY Oy (Finland))

Honourable Mentions: ”425282”,  JA Architecture Studio Inc. (Canada); ”Epookki”,  JKMM Architects (Finland); ”Khronos”, OSUMA arkkitehdit Oy (Finland); ”Kumulus”, Anssi Lassila / OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Arcitecture; ”Maininki”, Heljä Nieminen, Havu Järvelä (Finland); ”Matkustaja”, Luca Poian Forms (UK); ”Muistipalatsi”, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Lylykangas Kimmo Oy, DAGOpen OÛ, BAKPAK architects S.L.P (Finland, Estonia, Spain); ”Skopeo”, Jouni Karttunen, Aapo Airas (Finland); ”Talas”, Arkkitehdit Rudanko+Kankkunen Oy (Finland); ”Virta”, Juho Pietarila, Jussi Vepsäläinen, Marko Pulli (Finland)

“Epookki” by JKMM

Congratulations to the award winners!

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