JKMM Is one of the winners in the Ignite Turku Idea competition

10 02 2021

The City of Turku organised the open idea competition ‘Ignite Turku’ (Sytytä Turku) in order to develop the city centre. The purpose of the competition was to find ideas that invigorate the city centre and bring joy to the everyday life of Turku residents. The City of Turku will implement the ideas in collaboration with the makers of the most igniting proposals.

JKMM is honored to be one of the twelve winners with its proposal “Turun kauppahallikortteli 2026”. The name of the proposal refers to the city block that houses the existing Turku Market Hall.

The competition proposals were required to address one or more objectives of the spearhead project of developing the city centre. These include an accessible city centre with smooth mobility, a commercially attractive city centre and a pleasant and vivid city centre of encounters.

The competition had two series:

The Vivid city centre series was open to any person or group such as a business, an association, a club or a group of residents interested in developing the city centre of Turku.

The City centre under construction series was open to actors specialised in property development or regional development. A proposal submitted for the City centre under construction series could be, for instance, a development concept for a city centre block or area. 

JKMM’s proposal is one winner in the City centre under construction series. 

Read more: https://www.turku.fi/sytytaturku

Join to the closing event held online through Teams Live and on City of Turku Facebook page on Wednesday, 10th of February at 6 pm.