JKMM & Strategisk Arkitektur among the top 6 in the international competition for the Gothenburg Museum of Art

22 04 2024

The results of the Gothenburg Museum of Art international architecture competition were announced on 25th March. For the competition, JKMM teamed up with the Swedish firm Strategisk Arkitektur and the joint proposal was selected among the top 6.

Barozzi Veiga, Spain and Switzerland, won the architectural competition for the expansion and renovation of the Gothenburg Museum of Art, in collaboration with the Swedish firm Hermansson Hiller Lundberg. In second place was Danish Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects with Tyréns as the Swedish collaborating partner. In third place was Dorte Mandrup Architects, also from Denmark, with Navjord Arkitektur as the Swedish collaborating partner.

The invited two-stage competition was organised by the real estate company Higab AB in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Association of Architects. Following the pre-qualification round in 2022, with over 50 submissions, six teams including were invited to participate in the first stage, from which three teams were selected to compete in the second stage.

The jury consisted of representatives from Higab, the cultural administration/Gothenburg Museum of Art, the city planning administration, and experts from the Swedish Association of Architects: Fredrik Davidsson, Britta Söderqvist, Sophia Älfvåg, Torun Hammar, Kajsa Wide, Patrik Steorn, and Andreas Martin-Löf.

The background for the competition lies in the need to renovate the Gothenburg Museum of Art, partly to meet international standards for accessibility and working environment. With a new extension, the museum will also have double the space for art and visitors, along with a new, more accessible main entrance. Designed originally by Arvid Bjerke and Sigfried Ericson and celebrating its 100th anniversary last year, the Gothenburg Museum of Art is classified as a historical building, adding complexity to the competition task.



JKMM collaborated with Strategisk Arkitektur in the invited competition. Their design proposal, named ‘Etos’, aims to create a timeless space that fosters a unique art experience, a destination with a distinct identity for encounters and reflections. The main goal is to establish the Gothenburg Museum of Art as a noteworthy representative among both national and international art institutions.

The design approach takes on an archaeological expression, extracting the essence of the museum through architectural means. By excavating the plinth of the annex building, the design creates archaic spatial conditions. Through the integration of old and new, a fundamental spatial expression is created. For future generations, the old museum building keeps its character as a heritage landmark, and the new museum annex transforms the museum complex to a significant cultural destination. The museum enriches daily urban life through its robust architectural presence.

© Ramka

The proposal marks the transition between Götaplatsen’s urban square and Lorenberg’s villa town’s intimate character by shaping the museum’s natural form to align with its desired existence. Subtle adaptation of building masses into the site’s terrain takes into consideration the interplay of function and form. The annex honors the culturally signifacant context; traditions and history are kept alive by the development of the institution.

Congratulations to JKMM & Strategisk Arkitektur on making it to the top 6!

And Congratulations to Barozzi Veiga & Hermansson Hiller Lundberg  for the 1st prize!

Find out more about the competition idea here.