The Aesthetic Action of the Year Honorary Prize to Asmo Jaaksi

19 03 2019
This is an image of architect Asmo Jaaksi the founder and creative partner of Finnish architecture studio JKMM Architects

 The Finnish Society of Aesthetics has awarded our partner Asmo Jaaksi, the principal designer of Amos Rex, with The Aesthetic Action of the Year honorary prize for his work with Amos Rex, and especially with the Lasipalatsi Square.

The jury highlighted design approach that enriched the public square and thus created a new urban realm for all the citizens to enjoy around the year.

Since 1997 the Finnish Society of Aesthetics has nominated The Aesthetic Action of the Year and awarded its maker with an honorary prize. The prize is awarded annually by a changing jury consisting of 3-5 persons, including members of the governing body of the society and other experts.

The honorary prize is awarded to a person or community, which by his/hers/its activity, products or thoughts has promoted discussions on art, beauty and aesthetic values. The prize is made public on the day of the annual meeting of the Finnish Society of Aesthetics.

The Finnish Society for Aesthetics functions as a co-operative forum for scholars, students and other people showing interest in aesthetics. The society aspires to develop research in aesthetics, to create contacts between arts and sciences, and to nourish discussions on aesthetic values.

Aerial Image of Amos Rex Museum by Angel Gil
Amos Rex Museum © Angel Gil
OP Bank Headquarters © Mika Huisman