JKMM & Andrea Tabocchini Architecture among top 5 in the Oulu Museum and Science Centre Competition

13 01 2023

The results of the architecture competition for the Oulu Museum and Science Centre were announced on Thursday 12 January. For the open competition, JKMM Architects collaborated with an Italian studio, Andrea Tabocchini Architecture (ATA). The joint proposal ‘Rysä’ qualified in top 5 among 95 submitted entries and received a purchase award of 10.000 Euros. The winning proposal is called ‘Loggia’ by a Helsinki-based studio OPUS Architecture together with Simon Mahringer Dipl. Arch. ETH.

‘Rysä’ (eng. traditional fish net), the idea by JKMM and ATA, forms a new vision and landmark for Oulu: a new innovative and inviting entity in the immediate vicinity of city centre and the Oulujoki estuary. It combines new and old architecture and consider the historical layers of a former power station and an old water tower, and at the same time creates a new lively town square and improves the surrounding neighborhood. The core of the idea lies at the junction of the new and the old: a glass courtyard functioning as a multipurpose market square, event space, meeting place and entrance.

Visual by Brick Visual

The material of the facade is based on ceramic brick, forming a fascinating and modern, translucent and lively three-dimensional surface. At the same time, bricks stem from the historically industrial environment. Architecture tells stories about the past and the future. The architecture aims to be simple enough to leave room for content and creates an open platform for functions.

Here are the top 5 teams:

1st prize, OPUS Architecture & Simon Mahringer Dipl. Arch. ETH

2nd prize, Verstas Architects

3rd prize, William Matthews Associates

Purchase award, Mendoza Partida

Purchase award, JKMM Architects & Andrea Tabocchini Architecture

The aim of the City of Oulu is to build a museum and science centre, which represents high-quality architecture and modern functionality, and improves the surrounding cityscape. The new building is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of the year 2026, when the northern city of Oulu is celebrated as the European Capital of Culture.

Find out more about the idea here.