Tieshanping Hotel Villas

Location: Tieshanping, China
Function: Hotel, Multifunctional spaces, Restaurant, Wellness spa
Client: Tieshanping Hotel
Scope: Architecture, Art integration, Furniture design, Graphic design, Interior, Landscape

This hotel, composed of five villas, is located on the hills of Tieshanping, China.

The design takes its inspiration from the moving rock that is characteristic of the Finnish landscape transmiting the beauty and timelessness of nature. In the design, a fragment has been taken from nature and translated into architectural concept, shape and space.

The structure of the villas is simple.  There are only few important key details. Larger surfaces are made of gray stone. Key details will be made of white marble, bronze and wood.

A spacious common living room forms the heart of the villa.  Guests to enjoy time together just as if they would be at home. Huge windows bring mountain views inside the villa, nature and architecture are integrated.  The villa has three hotel rooms, each with its own pool, multi-purpose space and a balcony. The multi-purpose space can be used for working or for children’s room.

Interior design takes inspiration from Finnish design heritage with nature.