Grand Designs Finland hosted by JKMM’s CEO Samppa Lappalainen premiers in September

07 06 2022

The world-renowned television series Grand Designs, known for its ambitious and personal housing projects, finally presents Finnish housing dreams. Together with the host, JKMM’s CEO and architect Samppa Lappalainen, we follow the passion projects of house builders from sketch to finish.

Where did the dream of a house come from and what kind of work needs to be done to fulfil it? And was all the hard work worth it? The sites located all over the country represent the builders’ ideas of the ‘grand’ – not necessarily the big or the most expensive, but each family’s own vision of good architecture and living. 

For some, it means an emphasis on ecological solutions, for others it means a smart home with technical refinements or a place of tranquillity built in the lap of nature. The diversity of families’ dreams is also highlighted in the choice of building materials, from traditional log construction to classic bricks and customised prefabricated solutions. What they all have in common is the dream of a home of their own. 

Grand Designs Finland premiers on Finland’s biggest commercial channel MTV3 and streaming service MTV Katsomo in September 2022. The series is produced by Fremantle Finland.

In the UK, the series has been broadcasted for over 20 years, where it is presented by the iconic Kevin McCLoud.

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Image: David O’Weger