Honorary Mention for JKMM in the Vaasan Museonranta competition

11 04 2022

JKMM’s proposal ‘Lyhde’ (sheaf) received Honoray Mention in the Vaasan Museonranta invited architectural competition organised by the City of Vaasa and FinCap.

The proposal was developed together with the landscape architects from VSU Maisema-Arkkitehdit and the engineers from Jonecon. The jury praised the ‘Lyhde’ for its honorable development of a statuesque residential multi-storey building.

The purpose of the competition was to find a high-quality and feasible solution in terms of cityscape and architecture for the central waterfront at Rantakatu 1. The design had to also adapt to the cultural environment as well as achieve functional, techno-economic and energy efficiency goals in a balanced matter.

In addition, the competition was looking for housing ideas supporting quality of life and comfortable environment as well as emphasising open views and apartment-specific outdoor spaces. The competition also sought ideas for dealing with the public waterfront.

The first prize was awarded to the proposal ‘Strandgatan No. 1’ by Sigge Arkkitehdit, Loci maisema-arkkitehdit and Sweco.

The jury of the competition consisted of Jarmo Kuusela, Raimo Virtanen and Sami Rintamäki representing FinCap Oy, and Päivi Korkealaakso, Paula Frank and Petur Eklund representing the City of Vaasa. Tuukka Vuori was appointed as a member of the jury by the Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA.

The results of the competition were announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 8 April in the City’s Administration Building. The design of the new building project will be immediately taken forward by the winning team.

Congratulations for our team for the Honorary Mention and the winning team!

For more information about the competition and the results www.safa.fi