JKMM was granted a honorary mention in the international ideas competition for the centre of Leppävaara

26 04 2024

JKMM’s proposal ‘Champs’ was granted a honoray mention in the international two-phase ideas competition for the centre of Leppävaara. On 24th April the competition results were announced and the winner of competition is Arco Architectural Company Oy with proposal ‘Walk Around’.

In 2022–2023, the city of Espoo, in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), has organised an open, international, two-phase ideas competition for planning the centre of Leppävaara. The aim of the idea competition was to find an architecturally, urbanistically, and functionally high-quality overall plan for the area north of the railway, enhancing its recognizability and appeal. This plan will guide the urban planning and implementation of the area in stages over the next 10–20 years.

The second prize was awarded to the proposal ‘Lanterns’ by Mikko Siltsanen, Elina Ahdeoja, and Mika Saarikanka, and the third prize went to the proposal ‘Magic Wand’ by Architectural Office B&M Ltd. The fourth prize was shared between two proposals: ‘Croquet’ by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects and ‘Superplus’ by Echo Urban Design and Planetary Architecture. Additionally, three honorary mentions were awarded, one of which was given to the proposal ‘Champs’ by JKMM


The curves of Turuntie and Lintuvaarantie are straightened, and the roads are transformed into boulevards with the help of plantings and urban elements. Ratsukatu will be aligned as a new boulevard uniting the area. Renovated blocks with active ground-level layers precisely define the streets and, together with their routes and green areas, form a diverse environment. High-rise buildings have been proposed for the area to complement the three tower blocks already built in the area. The urban idea is to establish Leppävaara as one of the Helsinki metropolitan area’s high-rise construction centers, which also stands out in the distant landscape.

North Leppävaara is connected to the southern part and the new travel center with a wide station bridge spanning the railway and Turuntie, providing connections to the tracks and smooth, barrier-free access to Läkkitori. Parking facilities for additional construction and commuter traffic will be strategically located close to the railway and new buildings, supporting the efficient use of emerging new functions.

Significant new floor area is allocated for residential and other activities in the area. This solution is highly justified as the area is situated within existing infrastructure intersections of the Kehäykkönen, Turuntie, railway, and Raidejokeri. Efficient and high-rise construction in this location contributes to addressing the housing shortage in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Congratulations to the team at JKMM for the honorary mention and to Arco for winning the competition!

For more information about the competition, visit Safa.fi.