The new Tammisaari art museum will be called Chappe

24 04 2022

The new art museum in the old town of Tammisaari, designed by JKMM, will be called Chappe. The museum will open its doors to the public later this year, on the Finnish Swedish Heritage Day 6 November 2022.

The new Chappe Art Museum is an art house by the sea, offering modern and contemporary art experience with a special focus on Nordic and Baltic arts. The museum will address current issues and phenomena in art, visual culture and society, attracting visitors not only from Finland but also from neighbouring countries. Chappe will be the first museum of modern and contemporary art to be built in Finland since 2018. At that time, we celebrated the opening of the Amos Rex Art Museum located in the heart of Helsinki and also designed by JKMM.

The name ‘Chappe’ comes from the surname of a significant local couple, two pioneers of medicine, and art enthusiasts and collectors Albert and Clara de la Chapelle. The building is financed by their art foundation, and it is the couple’s gift to the City of Raseborg.

About the museum architecture

The museum’s contemporary, yet timeless architecture complements beautifully the small town’s cultural and historical landscape. The starting point of the architecture is a modern interpretation of a traditional two-storey, gable roof townhouse. The dark-toned spruce cladding of the façades connects the new building to the roots of the old town. The museum complex also includes other buildings with historical value and the museum garden.

In the museum, there will be spacious, convertible exhibition spaces on three floors: main exhibition halls on the top floor; the lobby and multipurpose space opening to the street and the courtyard on the ground floor. The underground exhibition space on the lowest floor is connected to the existing Raseborgs Museum building. The new museum landscape blends seamlessly into the marina, park forests and archipelago cliffs.

The new museum will act as a landmark for the seaside town and the community – inviting people from near and far to enjoy art exhibitions and civic activities.

A webcam in the museum courtyard will allow you to follow the construction of the new art museum:

For more information about the museum, you can visit