Chappe Art House & Dance House Helsinki are finalists for 2023 Finlandia Prize for Architecture

04 09 2023

The Finnish Association of Architects has announced the five designs shortlisted for the 2023 Finlandia Prize for Architecture. Two of the designs are designed by JKMM Architects. This year marks the prize’s tenth anniversary, and the winner will be announced on 2 October.

The shortlisted projects are as follows:

Punavuori Stables in Helsinki, by Avarrus Architects
Chappe Art Museum in Tammisaari, by JKMM Architects
Lauttasaari Church refurbishment in Helsinki, by Verstas Architects
Martta Wendelin Day Care Centre in Tuusula, by Frondelius Keppo Salmenperä Architects (AFKS)
Dance House Helsinki in Helsinki, by JKMM Architects & ILO architects

The winner of this year’s Finlandia Prize for Architecture will be chosen by Anna Herlin, a fifth-generation member of the family that runs elevator and escalator manufacturer KONE Corporation. Through her work, Herlin is committed to delivering greater sustainability for all: the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation headquarters at Puistokatu 4 in central Helsinki comprise a wooden villa that has been sensitively refurbished to offer a working space and social hub for researchers, artists and small businesses working towards a more environmentally sound future.

The chosen projects share a commitment to preservation and repair and demonstrate an awareness of architecture’s role in promoting wellbeing. The Finlandia Prize for Architecture shortlist is chosen by a pre-selection jury appointed each year by SAFA.

“The pre-selection jury identified five projects which are all distinguished by their commitment to subtle and insightful design as well as excellence in building. Notably, a significant number of the projects put forward for nomination this year were infill or refurbishment projects. The shortlisted projects demonstrate that, with skilful design, long-serving buildings in need of repair can be restored to their former glory and adapted to new uses to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the people that use them. The shortlisted new build projects show the sheer diversity found in wood architecture and the significant technical advances that are being made,” said Professor Rainer Mahlamäki, chair of the pre-selection jury.

“In terms of their intended uses, these projects encompass the full gamut of architecture from private homes to care facilities and cultural institutions. In drawing up the shortlist, we wanted to draw attention to the fundamental purpose for which the Finland Prize for Architecture was created. It exists to promote the appreciation of high-quality architecture and highlight its importance in promoting wellbeing for all,” Mahlamäki added.

Rainer Mahlamäki was joined on the pre-selection jury by architects Sarlotta Narjus and Harri Hautajärvi, along with Professor Jenni Reuter. The secretariat was provided by Paula Huotelin, former Secretary General of the Finnish Association of Architects.

Congratulations for all the nominees!

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