The development concept of the Turku Market Hall Block is now ready

30 09 2022

The Turku Market Hall Block is a key part of Turku’s commercial centre and cityscape. The development of the district is a continuation of the development of the city centre that started with the redevelopment of the market square. The development concept for the Market Hall Block will be presented to the City of Turku City Council for approval on 3 October. 

The development concept of the Market Hall Block is based on careful background work. It has been developed through an interactive innovation partnership between the City of Turku and JKMM Architects, involving various stakeholders and residents. The work consists of two parts: an overall concept for the block and a commercial concept. The overall concept is complemented by a development plan for the site plan’s change area and an economic implementation model. The commercial concept includes the plans envisioned for the Market Hall.

“The proposed development of the block will increase the attractiveness of the city centre and strengthen the conditions for the traditional Market Hall, the block’s crown jewel. The conceptual materials provide an important substantive perspective to the ongoing planning of the renovation of the Market Hall,” says Niko Kyynäräinen, Vitality Director at the City of Turku.

The Project Architect Harri LIndberg talks about the vision for the Turku Market Hall Block.

To succeed in the project, the opinions and wishes of the block’s entrepreneurs, property owners and Turku residents are taken into account from the very beginning. For the entrepreneurs of the Market Hall, the upgrade will bring more up-to-date and more functional business spaces. A more attractive block will also increase customer flows. In addition, the development concept would include new spaces open to all citizens: outdoor spaces, pathways, and rooftops with views. These would enliven and integrate the block area and the entire city centre.

“Our partner JKMM has not only a visionary view but also, through its work, solid experience in various urban development projects in Finland and around the world. However, no lesson from the world can replace local knowledge. During the development work, several public and stakeholder events, and interviews with operators in the area have been organised in accordance with the innovation partnership model. There have also been regular meetings between the neighbourhood stakeholders and property owners,” says Timo Hintsanen, Director of Urban Planning.

The story of JKMM started almost 25 years ago in Turku, with the successful renovation of Turku Library. Now it is Market Hall Block’s turn.

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