Koli Cultura Resort

How to make nature accessible for people.

Location: Koli, Finland
Function: Conference facilities, Hotel, Lobby, Wellness spa
Size: 13 000 m2
Status: 2016 -
Client: Koli Cultura

Koli Cultura Resort is located right next to one of the most iconic and historic Finnish landscapes: Koli Mountain. Koli is a National Park, surrounded by beautiful Finnish Lakeland. Koli Cultura Resort will become the center for nature tourism and culture in the area. The goal is to develop a landmark of responsible and sustainable nature tourism.

The architectural concept takes its inspiration from the surrounding unique nature. The buildings are shaped like small sculptural hills, arranged to give shelter from winds. Using wood in construction is the most natural and sustainable way to build in the area. Koli Cultura Resort will be the perfect destination for a modern nature tourist, who appreciates authentic experiences, untouched nature and high-quality hospitality. In addition to five-star accommodation, the center offers restaurants, cafes, wellness services, activities, conference facilities and activities in nature.