OP Bank Headquarters Interiors

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Function: Auditorium, Lobby, Multifunctional spaces, Offices, Restaurant
Size: 130 000 m2
Status: Completed - 2018
Client: OP Group
Scope: Architecture, Graphic design, Interior, Restoration, Signage system

The client OP Financial Group is Finland’s leading financial services group. Instead of a traditional high-rise office, the company preferred to create a campus-like city block as a hub for its synergistic activities, and have therefore required extensive new construction and renovation work.

The premises were designed for functionality, modifiability and fitness for purpose. The aim was an urban quarter that functions as a coherent whole, embodies the modern work environment and boasts a distinct identity firmly rooted in OP’s values. The interior path, referred to as the gallery, with its circular glass roof, functions as a meeting place and the centre of the block, and combines various operational units such as restaurants, meeting facilities and wellbeing services.

Durability and high quality were primary considerations in the design and material selection for the Vallila Helsinki Campus. Natural materials, stone and wood were preferred for the interior surfaces and furniture. The furniture are chosen among Finnish artists and designers. The design classics from OP’s old premises were utilized as well. The campus’ interior design incorporates colour in a harmonious way, giving respect to the hues of the natural materials used. Orange, OP’s brand colour, appears as an accent, for example, in the upholstery of the furniture.

Art is a significant part of the interior. One of the restaurants features a light installation the size of the ceiling, a unique lamina pendant designed by Interior Designer Petri Vainio. The custom-made fixture casts a soft and inviting light on the lower café space, providing a contrast to the high and spacious light well. Wood artist Ilona Rista designed the wall of the auditorium, which combines art with practicality by improving the acoustics and lighting of the space. Lämpöaalto, a unique wool rug designed for OP by Elina Helenius, welcomes guests and softens the granite of the entrance hall.

In addition, Op’s own extensive art collection is carefully displayed in the public spaces for the guests and staff to enjoy.

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