OP Arkadia

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Function: Offices
Size: 370 m2
Client: OP Group
Scope: Art integration, Interior, Restoration

As in OP Vallila, the interior design theme of OP Arkadia evolves from the Finnish cultural heritage and art.  The roots are set deep in nature in a modern and functional yet graceful manner.

Dating back to the 1930s, the OP Arkadia building on Arkadiankatu street provides a grand setting for the meeting premises of OP Private Finance and Investment Services. The space was completely redesigned to meet modern meeting and work requirements. The redesign was completed during spring 2016.

The interior design respects the style of the building’s construction era and the original details have been preserved as much as possible. New additions and alterations were made to complement the original aesthetics.

Carefully curated art plays a significant role. The theme evolves from Finnish nature and is reflected on the pieces of furniture and in the names of the meeting rooms. The large photorealistic graffiti pieces by artist Jussi TwoSeven are painted on the corridors and lounge. In the hallway, a fireplace is upholstered with artisan ceramic tiles by Kirsi Kivivirta.

The chosen materials – natural stone, wood, ceramics, and wool, will age beautifully. The furniture pieces are classics or designed by talents of the younger Finnish designer generation.  The design as a whole will last the test of time in use as well as visually.

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© Arsi Ikäheimonen
© Arsi Ikäheimonen
© Arsi Ikäheimonen
© Arsi Ikäheimonen