Seinäjoki Library

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Type: Competition 1st Prize
Location: Seinäjoki, Finland
Status: Completed 2012
Year: 2012
Client: Seinäjoki City

Seinäjoki Library is located next to Alvar Aalto’s masterful civic center. The challenge was to design the new library with a modern vision whilst connecting it to Aalto’s architecture.

Seinäjoki is one of Finland’s first new generation of libraries. Libraries are no longer only about books, they have changed to become living rooms for citizens, places which give access to knowledge for all people.  People also gather and meet each other in the library.

Seinäjoki Library’s large glazed facade frames generous views of the surrounding Aalto buildings. Inside, architectural space is created with sculptural use of concrete. Outside, the building is clad with copper. The materiality and massing is a nod back to Aalto’s architecture.

© Hannu Vallas
© Mika Huisman
© Tuomas Uusheimo
© Tuomas Uusheimo
© Tuomas Uusheimo

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© Tuomas Uusheimo
© Tuomas Uusheimo