Open competition 3rd prize 2015


Rome Italy


Preliminary study




Territorial Housing Company of the Municipality of Rome

Great Ideas


The design proposal, made as a joint effort by JKMM Architects and Alfio Barabani Architects, won third prize in an international design competition called Rigenerare Corviale.

The competition called for submissions to design changes to the communal area of Corviale, which was built in 1975. Corviale, located on the outskirts of Rome, is a landmark of Italy’s social housing projects. It is best known for an almost one kilometer-long housing block, the longest housing block in Europe. The aim of the competition was to reform the Corviale area. The principle goal was to give it a better outlook. This would be achieved by making structural improvements to the building to increase its functionality and the safety of the residents, as well as improve the infrastructure of the area.

At the heart of the project group’s proposal was the idea to improve communality by utilizing structures that endorse social behavior. The goal of the proposal was to incite residents to participate in improving and maintaining their environment. The designers wanted to increase Corviale’s safety and accessibility. The proposal suggested opening up the first floor, re-arranging the social quarters and services and improving access to staircases. Furthermore, car traffic to the area was reduced and replaced by light transport options.