Direct Commision


Kalasatama, Helsinki


Completed in summer 2019




Office campus in total 36 000 m2





Kesko’s employees will gather at a new head office on the city block-sized K-campus in Kalasatama, Helsinki. K-campus is a flexible, versatile and modern office building, which also acts as a showroom for Kesko’s broad range of products and services. 

The architecture provides the campus with a strong identity. The objective is to create a timeless yet modern Scandinavian complex that reflects the values important to Kesko: customer orientation and sustainability.  The facades are  built of rough seamed bricks, concrete, wood and large glazed surfaces. The interiors circle around a large, glass-roofed atrium.

The themes of openness, flexibility and functional communality are centre stage in the new multi-space work environment. On the upper floors, the design of the office spaces takes its cues from a new work environment concept, in which solutions seek to enable various different modes of working, from quiet concentration to active interaction and teamwork.  Rooms dedicated to quiet work are used to structure the office layout to smaller acoustically pleasant team spaces. Each floor has its own working cafes and kitchens. 

Energy-efficiency has been one of the main themes in planning and building K-Kampus. Artificial intelligence is utilised in adjusting the building’s heating, lighting and air conditioning in order to maximise energy-efficiency and user-friendliness. In addition, K-Kampus is the first office building in Finland to have carbon neutral waste management. BREEAM and WWF’s Green Office environmental certificates are applied for the building.

Read more about the interior architecture here.