Competition 1st prize 2007


Espoo, Finland


Completed 2011




2015 m2


City of Espoo


Saunalahti Children’s House

JKMM won the Saunalahti children’s house competition with the design titled “Lowly Worm”. True to its name, the house worms its way through some rocky terrain in Espoo. It has two storeys and houses a kindergarten as well as a children’s health centre, protected from the street by a wavy, façade worked in stone. Between the Kummelivuori hill and the house there is a sheltered play area. Inside, upper windows in the shape of cones let light filter into the connecting lobbies.

First floor houses day-care centre containing five groups of children and common spaces for all users. The day-care home areas open out on the playing yard that is formed between the rising pine covered hill slope and the new building. The street side contains common and staff facilities. Ground floor contains children’s nursery and technical spaces.

The rendered, curved southern wall forms the public façade of the building. Rest of the façades are made of timber. Building locates at a difficult, rocky site near Saunalahti gulf seashore. Playground forms a safe, unobstructed and exhilarating artificial landscape. Motives, materials and colours of the building have been inspired by the excisting landscape.

You may find more information on this project’s interior architecture here.