Invited Competition 1st prize 2014


Tampere, Finland


Design Stage


2014 -


47 350 brm2


City of Tampere

Commercial | Housing | Public

Tammela Football Stadium

The Tammela football stadium resides at a prominent location in Kalevan Puistotie neighboring Kaleva towers and Kaleva church.

The roof structure defines the entire look of the stadium. The facades are made of stone with light shaded plastering. Park-like city space opens natural passages to the north and south entrances.

The playing field is set ideally in a north-south orientation. Furthermore, the field is lifted above street level in order to provide parking space beneath the field. The service and retail spaces are located around the parking floor. The stands surround both sides of the field while apartment buildings face outside the block. The setting is designed to support the autonomous, easy functionality of the apartment buildings.